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The core capabilities at the heart of our enterprise

Our technical core capabilities define the areas in which technical excellence is critical, not only for our business, but in the work we do daily to help customers achieve the important missions on the frontlines of their industry. Our capabilities can be categorized in two discrete ways:
First, as market-facing solutions to the most common technology challenges we are asked to solve, namely in Cyber Operations, Digital Modernization, Integrated Systems, Mission Operations, and Mission Software Systems.

Second, all of our work is underpinned by by a consistent set of four enabling technologies that are critical in all the work that we do, namely secure, Rapid Software, Trusted AI/ML, Full-Spectrum Cyber, and Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing.


Leveraging our extensive experience, we thrive in various spheres, including project management and specialized construction services, always meeting deadlines and staying within budget constraints. Our range of services covers every facet of construction, from the initial stages of planning and design to the final execution. Our portfolio stands as a testament to our versatility in managing a diverse set of projects across multiple sectors. At the heart of our operations is a strong emphasis on client satisfaction, maintained through open communication, cooperative teamwork, and absolute transparency. We dutifully abide by stringent safety guidelines and assure the highest quality by utilizing cutting-edge materials and techniques.

Product Design

SSI is a distinguished product design company where innovation meets aesthetics. We specialize in various areas, including industrial design, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing design, providing comprehensive solutions from concept to production. Our approach combines a deep understanding of design, functionality, and market trends to bring your product vision to life. Our diverse portfolio demonstrates our ability to cater to different sectors and audiences. Client collaboration and communication are at the core of our process to ensure design alignment with brand identity. We commit to sustainable, user-friendly designs, utilizing eco-friendly practices and creating products that are easy to use, visually appealing, and life-enhancing. Prioritizing quality, we use the finest materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure safety and functionality without compromising on aesthetics. Contact SSI today to bring your product ideas to reality and experience the transformative power of our designs.

Staffing Services

We specialize in connecting exceptional talent with top-tier companies across a wide range of industries. Our services are customized to fit your unique business requirements, be it temporary, contract-to-hire, or permanent staffing solutions. Alongside, we provide holistic HR services such as workforce management and payroll, allowing you to focus on your core business. We ensure quality through a rigorous screening process, supplying only highly-qualified and dedicated professionals. Open communication and continuous support underline our recruitment process. Choose SSI for an exemplary staffing experience, distinguished by our commitment, expertise, and quality service.


We develop mission focused solutions to accelerate our customer’s digital transformation objectives by delivering resilient enterprise IT solutions and managed services that leverage trusted AI and full spectrum cyber to decrease burdens and vulnerabilities in complex IT operations.

Enabling Technologies

Our enabling technologies are the backbone of our core capabilities and are fundamental to the success
of any project across each of our core markets

We Offer

Our devoted group of creative thinkers and accomplished workers employs a customized approach to problems. Utilizing to the fullest extent possible the skills, resources, and time of our team, we develop innovative solutions tailored precisely to your unique scenario. SSI is committed to turning your idea into a practical reality. Our foundation is built on years of serving a wide range of partner requirements

SSI provides worry-free services, so you can
focus on your mission.

Secure, Rapid Software

When developing and delivering software, we focus on ensuring best-in-class security without sacrificing speed. Our SecDevOps approach puts security first in the development life cycle, bringing the speed and agility of a commercial startup to large, mission-critical systems. Components, people, and processes come together to deliver mission quality software at Silicon Valley speed.

Full-Spectrum Cyber

With a combined focus on offense, defense, and cyber-physical systems, our full-spectrum cyber solutions and services ensure an adaptive defense strategy, sustainable threat protection, and a mature security posture to outpace adversaries and secure what matters most to your organization. We apply advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning techniques to dramatically reduce the time it takes to detect a breach, enhance decision-making, and better predict and prevent events before they occur. 

Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing

A successfully fielded product begins with a comprehensive design, accurate prototype, and quickly manufactured component. Whether developing hardware or software, we are deeply experienced in employing rapid, iterative approaches to designing, prototyping, and manufacturing incredibly complex
solutions, increasing prototype delivery speed.  

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